Jiocinema/activate: Jiocinema Activate On Smart TV

Jiocinema Activate: Jiocinema is very popular OTT platform worldwide. Jiocinema App is widely used by small screen users but for large screens Jiocinema website and Jiocinema smart TV App is mde available by Jio.

For using jiocinema app on smart TV you need to create account on Jiocinema App in your mobile device and simply login on your tv using otp received on your registered mobile number.

How To Activate Jiocinema App On Smart TV

If you are smartphone user then don’t worry because you can directly use Jiocinema App by downloading it form play store. But for smart tv users they are facing lot of issues regarding Jiocinema activation. So through this arcticle we are going to help you for making jiocinema activation process easy, you just need to follow the given steps:

Jiocinema Activate

Step 1: If you are initiating Jiocinema/Activate process on smart tv then first of All install official Jiocinema App from Google Play store of Android tv, or simply by visiting home page of our website.

Donwload Jicinema App For Smart TV

Step 2: Once the application get installed successfully launch the App.

Step 3: When you open the app and try to stream any content it will prompt you an window displaying following message.


Here you have two options for using Jiocinema App on smart tv.

  • Login with Mobile Number using OTP.
  • Login with 3 simple steps.

You are here as you have definitely chosen second option which is a good choice, because nobody like to type mobile number using remote control on tv.

Step 4: Open any browser form any device (Mobile, Laptop, tab) and visit page.

Jiocinema Activate  Using Code

Step 5: Now enter your mobile number and click on continue.

Step 6: After receiving OTP click on continue and enjoy watching content on Jiocinema.

How To Activate Jiocinema App On Smart TV?

Install Jiocinema App in tv and visit Jiocinema/Activate page and enter your mobile number, you will receive otp enter otp on tv screen and activate Jiocinema.

What is Jiocinema/Activate?

It is activation page by Jiocinema for using Jiocinema App on smart tv.